Techvento Logo Case Study.

Designing the logo for Techvento was quite the exigent process as you will surely discover later in this study. The challenge it presented due to the rich inspiration behind it and the identity we wanted it to establish was not easy to overcome.

Muhammad Abdullah, a visionary entrepreneur, created Techvento and had big plans for his company even when it was far from fruition. In the early years of his career, he signed up to become a member of the Envato Community, followers of a huge marketplace. At the time he was greatly inspired by the identity Envato had established for itself in the digital space in which their personality and logo played a sizeable role. Envato uses the leaf for its emblem coupled with a sans serif typeface in all lowercase letters. The simplicity and minimalism that it stood for spoke to him and he wanted to replicate it to some extent in his own branding and looking at the end result, he definitely did.

The initial direction we followed was to make some options that incorporated a leaf and digital wires to symbolize the growth and technology our company represented. Since these were the early stages of the process, we relied on crude pencil sketches and rough designs. Those that were considered, moved on to the next stage which called for a more refined and finalized version of those sketches. When the best sketches were selected, they took vector form in Adobe Illustrator.

In the illustrations above, you can see that our team is heavily focused on the leaf while trying to incorporate a hint of digitization in our designs. This was a bold move because all the designs from this round were either featuring the leaf and some kind of digitizing graphic. He quite liked this approach and we moved forward with some of these designs, fine-tuning and finalizing details till a conclusion was reached with these particular emblems.

But moving forward, at a point, the designs had been so oversaturated with the growth and technology demographic that we felt a revamp was in order. So a new initiative was started which now focused on creating an emblem that incorporated the main letters of the company’s name, Techvento. The letters “T” and “V” and were chosen for the design as they spoke well. The options below were created trying to incorporate the strokes and lines of the two letters using different typefaces and lettering styles and fonts to come up with an iconic and unique emblem.

The designs above serve either of two types, one that serves as an emblematic sort of logo and the other more as a graphic that could fit inside the typography of the company name. These options were much to the team’s liking and a session was held where every member of the team was present. By process of elimination and choice, these are the two logos that we moved forward with.

So we started exploring the space and came up with other options that were inspired by the original two chosen designs. We experimented with both but the logo on the right was easier to manipulate so moved forward with it. We focused mainly on the block logo and that’s when we started exploring the depths of 3D lettering design.

These designs were created with the company letters (T and V) in mind but some also dabbling into shadowplay and using negative space to express minimalism. The colors at this point were not defined, so for the experimentation, we used black and white. This also complimented the hollow effect we were trying to achieve by using negative space. However, after reviewing so many options, we realized we had again oversaturated and confined our designs to the 3D lettering concept. Hence at the end of the reviewing session, we decided once more to start a new initiative and designs and start from scratch.

Back to square one, the refreshing feeling of starting anew filled our brains and as it turns out, this was a genius move, because it wasn’t long before we settled on a final design.

While experimenting with new ways to represent growth, the idea came up to use a graph form to do just that. This graph form was then integrated with the letterforms of the original “T” and “V” concept. The first stage you see in the transformation above is the original concept that eventually morphed into the final design logo. When the senior creative team members reviewed this design, they immediately saw room for improvement. Right there and then, one of them took a hold of the mouse and moved things around a bit and in just seconds, what we thought was the perfect logo was formed. After looking at it for a good minute, the team unanimously agreed that this was indeed the culmination of all those long hours of meticulous design and attention to detail, trying to include every aspect of what the company stood for, into a single emblem.

However, that is not where the story ends. After interviewing some people for their views on the finished logo, the senior creative team realized one crucial detail. The logo did not translate the name Techvento clearly. Most people did not see the “T” at first or at all until explained. Another qualm was the font choice. Even after days of researching and trying a multitude of fonts and typefaces, they were unable to find one that complemented the logo. The course of action that they took this time was not to redo the logo, but to modify it. The goal was to find the perfect balance between a font that complimented the logo while not compromising too much of the original design.

After playing around with the logo for a few days, our team’s ‘never settle’ attitude prevailed once again. We tried a plethora of typefaces and even tried creating our own. After strenuous research, we came upon the Earth Orbiter font family. After trying a few of their styles, we settled on Earth Orbiter Bold because it went well with the design we had envisioned for our branding and complimented the logo well.

An added bonus with our new design was that we had incorporated every letter in the name ‘Techvento’ in a creative manner (as shown in the illustration below). The growth mindset that we wanted to showcase originally with a leaf was also present in the emblem. This was more of a digital leaf, its attributes shown by the pointed corners at the edges.

Understanding our colors is essential to understanding our logo and in turn, our brand’s personality. Our logo boasts our two primary colors, Techvento Green and Techvento Blue. Secondary colors may be used in marketing materials but only sparingly if at all. For us, the color blue is symbolic of our technological ventures. It sits well with our executive and professional mindset while also radiating change and adaptability by using different shades. Knowledge, power, integrity are the virtue we chose to showcase with blue. Green as a color is an instrument of growth and transformation. It influences our personal development and it helps us experience a greater level of change and learning. It also symbolizes hope and displays the multi-faceted nature of Techvento and its ventures.

After a few finalizing sessions in the team’s presence the design that represents our company today, was chosen. Looking at the end result, our logo indeed represents every small aspect that we wanted it to stand for.

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