Elementor #1437


Designing a logo for a podcaster or an influencer is not that easy though it requires extra analytical and  visual research to create a masterpiece that meets all the requirements of a client.Our challenging and inspirational efforts are the reflections of this logo case study that is originally designed for a motivational speaker named Mr. Farrukh Ahmed. He is a time management coach and a podcaster too. He served in many organizations through his keen research and management strategies on the international platform. His requirement for an ideal logo was based upon our constant persistence and the following revisions in the whole process of this case study.



The process of logo designing started from a rough sketch of a logo that symbolizes his mode of services. After sketching we illustrate the main design of a logo by utilizing our analytical skills. The initial design resembled his facial gestures along with a mike that symbolizes his services of podcasting and a motivational speaker. For this purpose, we suggested the following designs as per his requirements from which he chose the first one.

After choosing the first one he asked for some changes regarding the visual designing of a proposed logo that it also contained some latest neon features. To enhance the overlook of a logo we applied the neon effect over it to give a glowing and dewy effect. As a result, the following designs with neon effect has been created according to the related strokes and typefaces.

In the next step as per his level of satisfaction with the design, he asked for several changes during the designing period. To meet his request we designed a customized logo that manipulates his overall business into one icon. In which we mainly focused on his facial expressions along with a mike and adjust both the symbols with 3D features.

Subsequently, these designs were not enough to please our reputable client that’s why he further asked for more enhancement in the logo. Therefore, we got a new kick and changed the whole design with his initial because it is trendy and very creative to impose the logo according to the proposed letter along with 3D layouts

Along with the ideation and innovative ideas, we execute a new logo that was based on a single color that represents the personal branding of our client. We understand the level of integrity and power of a logo, as a result, we use a similar font of negative “F” and “a” to imprecise the overall branding strategy in a single glance

As we know that customer satisfaction is our main asset that’s why after several changes and continuous revision we didn’t give up at once.